Scholars Academy is a reliable tuition agency in Singapore designed to aid in student’s academic success. Our tutoring agency in Singapore was established to fulfill this purpose and provide a base through which children in Singapore can benefit and reap the sweet fruits of education.

Scholars Academy Singapore tuition agency aimed at providing academic assistance to students all over the country hence leading to academic excellence and career development. The academy is built and operates on solid academic principles, ethics and practice. Here is where professionalism is observed, utilized and promoted to achieve academic goals for all the students.

Scholars Academy Singapore – Academic Excellence

Scholars Academy understands that for every academic endeavour, hard work, consistency and diligence must be exercised to emerge successfully. That is why we are keen on observing all these attributes in all its operations. It is on these virtues that the Academy derives its success and popularity in Singapore and beyond.

As a trusted tutoring agency, our home tutors in Singapore strive to provide the opportunity for students to feel the exhilaration of adequately developing their academic mind. We accomplish this through our personalized tutoring with your child; they will be positively glowing with the improvements shown in their school work.

Academic Excellence

Professional And Passionate Private Home Tutor

Scholars Academy aims to deliver motivating, life applicable learning opportunities. This is achieved as our trusted tutors encourage your child to learn beyond their textbooks. Our top home tutors want your child to experience the benefits of becoming a lifelong learner.

Along these lines, we hire and utilize the services of well-trained and qualified tutors who have excelled in their specific disciplines and career areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, Languages, English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Economics, Humanities, POA and Music. Our reliable tutors have what it takes to ensure a healthy student-teacher relationship that will promote academic excellence and growth of the entire student population.

Scholars Academy is dedicated to providing tuition services in Singapore and easing the financial burden for students and parents. Our volunteer tuition opportunities are designed to meet the demonstrated needs of each family. If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding job, we provide teaching opportunities for tutors at our tuition assignments page.

Scholars Academy home tuition agency Singapore is guided by strong goals and objectives that seek to promote academic excellence. It has become the preferred choice for many students, parents and guardians. By setting clear goals and objectives, Scholars Academy has become a centre of excellence and envy to many of her competitors. Scholars Academy is also built and established on very clear visionary objectives.

These are as follows:

  • To provide the best private and affordable home tutoring in Singapore to all the students using strong academic learning methods and principles
  • To use the most well-trained and qualified tutors to disseminate knowledge to all our students basing their specialization in the disciplines that they command authority and wealth of knowledge
  • To provide and equip our students with the essential academic tools to give them an edge in their careers and future life

  • To respect the diversity of our students in all circles including the time that they are available for private tuition, personal and individual inherent attributes and characteristics as well as any other issue that may need our special attention

  • To respect the laws of Singapore and subscribe to the highest levels of professionalism and discipline in the academic circles

Scholars Academy is the best in Singapore. It is the first choice for home tuition and a household name to students and parents who require academic excellence.

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