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Do you want you to learn a new language easily? Are you looking for a professional language tutor in Singapore? Finding the top language teacher for English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil or other languages is not easy. There are plenty of teachers and this makes finding the best tutor overwhelming. Some tutors charge hefty fees that you may not be able to afford while others may not be fully qualified or experienced.

Fortunately, you can easily find a good home tutor with the help of our private languages tuition service. Scholars Academy is a professional tuition agency in Singapore that matches tutors with students. Once you submitted your request, we will help you to find a highly qualified and experienced tutor within your budget. We guarantee to offer you all the assistance that you need to find a highly committed private language tutor.

Why You Should Learn A New Language

Language tuition in Singapore enables you to learn a new language and open up new opportunities to the world. Learning a new language allows you to access and appreciate different cultures.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can comfortably visit a foreign country and interact with people who speak that language. Additionally, you can even work in a foreign country or even do business with people who speak that language. If you are a student, you may also pursue further education at that country with ease.

Challenges Faced When Learning A New Language

If you opt to learn a new language on your own, you will face a wide range of challenges. For instance, you may not have adequate and reliable materials to guide you throughout the learning process. You are unable to receive specialized attention which are required for continuous learning. These challenges hinder you from learning a new language comprehensively and effectively.

Hiring A Language Tutor

Hiring a professional home tutor is the best way to learn a language. Our tutors have access to a wide range of high quality materials for learning new languages. They are also teachers with comprehensive knowledge and experience in teaching the languages they specialized in. We will help you to acquire key competencies in the language.

What To Look For When Hiring A Tutor

  • High competency level in the language
  • Verified credentials and experience
  • Affordable fee that is within your budget
  • Availability of the tutor and your schedule

In addition, the tutor should be determined to help you or your child learn the language with ease. We make sure that the tutor is passionate on the subject.

We know how hard it is to find an ideal tutor and we want to help you find the best language tutor. Over the years, we have successfully matched tutors based on the requirements of students for language lessons in Singapore. We consistently provide efficient and trusted services to our clients. We focus on providing highly MOE teachers and experienced full-time tutors to students in Singapore.

We understand that every student has different needs when it comes to learning a new language. These are required to discover their potential and to motivate them. With our service, you will find the most ideal language tutor effortlessly.

Why Choose Us

There are three main reasons why you should enlist our service:

  • We are a registered language tuition agency in Singapore
  • We fully understand your needs and concerns
  • We have successfully matched thousands of students with tutors over the years

Scholars Academy verifies the qualifications and experience of our tutors in order to match you with the best language tutor. We will match you or your child with a tutor that will give you the best language tutoring and experience. Contact us now to get a professional, reliable and passionate tutor!

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