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Are you looking for a good Geography tutor to accelerate your learning? Geography equips students with geographical skills and knowledge to understand and identify the complex issues in today’s dynamically changing world. It also enables us to examine problems through global and local perspectives.

The key concepts are physical and human processes, interdependence, environmental and cultural diversity, space and place scale. Students will be able to make informed judgments about human actions on topics such as deforestation, shortage of water, energy crisis, flooding, shortage of housing and traffic congestion. Our experienced tutor will guide you to interpret maps, graphs and data, identify patterns and suggest their relationships.

IB, O-Level & A-Level Geography Tuition Teacher

We have a pool of Geography tutors to prepare secondary and JC students for academic success by building a strong foundation on it. Most of our students took the subject as a pure subject, an elective with Social Studies or for H1 & H2 Geography.

For JC level, the core concepts are Physical and Human Geography. Some of the topics are atmospheric processes, lithospheric processes, hydrologic processes, hazards and management. In addition, how the interactions between economic, social, environmental and political factors can affect the outcome.

Many students think that humanities tuition is all about memorizing. However, it requires students to understand concepts so as to answer the questions effectively. Our home tutors will provide you with clear explanations and real-life examples to illustrate a concept. Combining both theories and examples from your teacher and tutor will deepen your understanding of the subject. Further, this can help you in essay-writing and source-based questions.

Not only do our tutor give you his undivided attention, you are able to prioritize the topics which you are unsure of. We make sure that you receive proper guidance and lessons are always fun and interactive.

Personalized Home Tuition for Geography

Scholars Academy specializes in providing tutors for private Geography tuition in Singapore. This includes private home tutors for secondary schools, junior colleges (JC), International Baccalaureate (IB), IP and GCSE. All you need to do is to fill up the tutor request form and we will get you the best tutor based on your requirements.

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