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Looking for a good and reliable history tutor in Singapore has proved to be a challenging task to many parents and guardians. Every child can become successful in their education journey as long as they are well-motivated and develop a strong interest in the subject.

Understanding & Connecting The Past & Present

History involves learning from the past. Our top history tutors will focus on your weaknesses and strengthen it. They are able to keep you updated on the most current issues, especially those that are not included in the school textbooks. Our private home tutors will deepen your knowledge, helping you to develop better responses. As a result, you will be able to understand threats faced by a nation by learning from various examples in the past and relating it to the problems. We aim to nurture you into a patriotic citizen who will prioritize our nation’s interests, thinking of viable solutions to maintain the strength of our nation.

Why Learning History Is Important

Students will first be exposed to the history of Singapore through social studies at primary school level and history lessons at secondary school level. They get to learn and appreciate Singapore’s historical events throughout the course. They are thus able to relate what they have learnt and draw meaning to real-life examples. This is one of the main reasons why you should have history tuition in Singapore. Every student is required to read history in lower secondary. You are required to choose between either pure, combined history or geography when they are in upper secondary. If you need a humanities tutor for those subjects, please indicate it on the form as well.

Why Should You Hire A History Tuition Teacher

Many students feel that history is all about memorizing specific events and dates. Although that is partially true, we have to first understand why and how it happened. This is how history home tutoring can benefit you.

Our home tutors will create a custom curriculum that is focused around your needs. You will received personalized attention and detailed explanations from the tutor to develop your interest in the subject. The tutor may even provide you with the key points of each chapters. This helps to shorten the time needed to revise for exams. Unlike in school where there is time limitation, school teachers may have to rush through the topics in order to complete the syllabus on time.

Most of our tutors are Singaporeans and have been through the same education system as you. This is an added advantage as they are able to relate and understand what you are facing. In addition, some of them majored in history and are competent to provide additional tips and strategies on answering the questions. This competitive edge will keep you motivated and desire to excel in it.

Experienced Tutors For O-Level, A-Level, IB & IP

Whether you are taking the H1 or H2 history for JC level, we have the best tutor for you. We will teach you the inquiry-based approach such that you are able to reason and infer from historical sources. Scholars Academy is committed to help you succeed. You can be assured that all your needs will be carefully catered for.

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