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Are you are looking for a private home tutor for social studies? There are many factors to consider when hiring a home tutor. One of the main reasons why you would want to hire a tutor is to understand the relationships between social studies and other subjects. Being aware of the world around us is essential. Knowledge of current and past events help you to develop a framework of global understanding. This allows you to put challenges faced by people in Singapore and internationally into context. A strong understanding of social issues is essential.

If you want your child to garner a better understanding of the subject, it is imperative to engage a social studies tutor in Singapore who is well-versed in the subject. Our social studies tutors provide supplementary lessons that are highly relevant to the school curriculum. It may seem as a daunting task to shortlist a tutor as there are many factors to consider. Why not let Scholars Academy do the shortlisting for you? The right tuition agency will recommend a tutor who is experienced, eager to impart knowledge, and ready to create a custom designed curriculum specially for your child. We make sure that the shortlisted tutor is familiar with combined humanities tuition.

What Is Social Studies About

The compulsory source-based case study consists of these themes, Conflict and Harmony in Multi-Ethnic Societies, Managing International Relations and Understanding Governance. The questions are structured in a way that require their understanding, skills and concepts taught in class. For example, providing an explanation for the casual factors of an issue and making sound judgments out of that.

Students should understand why governance is important and why policies need to change over time to meet the needs of a society and nation. As Singapore is a multi-ethnic society, we should understand the importance of social cohesion and racial and religious harmony to the development of a country. In addition, how Singapore’s strategies for economic development are helpful. This subject teaches your child to recognize cultural differences and understand the achievements of societies from the past and present.

Social Studies Tuition For Secondary 3 & 4 Students

If your child is preparing for N-Level or O-Level, we will match him with a tutor who is passionate and best suited to his personality and needs. Our tutor will guide him in areas that he is struggling in, using various types of teaching methods which work best for him. For example, if he faced difficulties with source-based case study and structured-essay writing skills, our tutor will focus on that and strengthen it. This creates interest in the subject and gives your child an edge over his peers.

Scholars Academy specializes in primary and secondary levels home tutoring. We believe that students will be able to explore and understand local and international challenges. As a result, gaining insights on how things have changed over time. Let our tuition agency provide you with the necessary resources in an engaging and advantageous way!

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