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Do you want to learn and excel in Chinese language? Are you looking for a Chinese tutor who is able to provide effective Chinese tuition in Singapore? Before we answer these questions, let us first answer this very important question. Why do you need language tuition? What’s so important with learning it well anyway? That’s probably some of the questions you need to think about.

The economy of China is one of the thriving ones today. If you started learning Mandarin Chinese early, it would be helpful in your future careers as most businesses are looking for people who can speak more than one language. And one of those languages that they are looking for is Chinese. There are lots of opportunities that can be found in China. Further, big companies in the United States are making investments in it. If you want to have a bright future ahead and be able to take on the challenges, send us a request and we will contact you shortly.

Learn How To Write In Chinese & Speak Mandarin

Another great importance of learning the mother tongue language is to have a better understanding of the culture. As we all know, Mandarin is one of the four official languages in Singapore. The other three are English, Malay and Tamil. Due to the importance of learning the language, the demand for it has increased by at least 20% every year.

Since there are so many home tuition agencies out there, how do I know which one is best suited for my child? Don’t fret, let Scholars Academy tuition agency tutoring service help you to source for a good home Chinese tutor in Singapore effortlessly.

Scholars Academy is the company you will ever need if you are looking for the best Chinese tutoring program for your young ones. If your child is weak in Hanyu Pinyin, composition, comprehension, oral or listening, our tutors will help your child to master the language. He will definitely learn the language effortlessly and effectively. Our tuition teachers have many years of experience in teaching students and they understand how challenging it is in learning a second language as well as the complexities that comes with it.

Experienced Chinese Language Tuition Teacher

Now that you know the ever growing need to learn and understand Mandarin Chinese language, it is only imperative that you should start learning it while you’re still young. Your kids will greatly benefit from learning the said language. The solution for your problem to master the language is none other than Scholars Academy.

Still having doubts? Rest assured that choosing Scholars Academy is the best decision you will ever make. Our instructors are well-trained in teaching the basics of kindergarten, primary school Chinese to secondary school and junior college higher Chinese. All of our teachers are fluent in speaking the language because they are native Mandarin speakers. Therefore, you will definitely learn everything about what it takes to be fluent in speaking Mandarin and writing itself. We are professionals and will make sure that every learning process is fun and engaging.

If your child is preparing for either PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Chinese examination, you want him to excel academically. Let us help to achieve it by submitting the form with your details. Our tutors are ready to help your child improve and equip him with all the necessary knowledge to achieve his goals. There is no other perfect time than now! Seize the opportunity and you will never regret it.

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