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Are you having difficulties teaching your child after a long day at work? The best way to make sure that your child learns the subject well is to have Malay tuition in Singapore. It can be challenging to hire a Malay tutor if it is your first time. Scholars Academy is able to find the best language tutor to guide your child. We help students to appreciate the Malay dialects, its origin and growing vitality in the world.

Malay language is the national language for Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. Bahasa Melayu is also the mother tongue language to most of the Malay groups. Learning another language is never an easy task. However, it provides us with the opportunity to communicate freely without any fear of language barrier.

Learn To Speak, Read & Write Effectively

For example, if you learn things better through visual illustration, the tutor will use visual materials to suit your learning style. If you are a auditory learner, our tutor will be reading to you more to aid your learning. If you are a kinetic learner, we will make sure that the lessons are interactive and hands-on.

Through either of these styles, you will understand and learn the Malay native language at an optimal rate. Our Malay tuition agency in Singapore ensures that the you receive the best possible education to read, write and speak fluently.

Professional & Experienced Malay Tutor

Our Malay tutors in Singapore are carefully screened to meet your requirements and expectations. We make sure that the tutor is a good communicator and confident in communicating ideas and vital points fluently.

How It Works

The first session of the Malay tuition is to get to know your strengths, weaknesses and expectations. The tutor will be able to have a better understanding of your learning styles. These are important for future sessions to be productive and effective. Our private Malay tutor in Singapore will provide feedback to you after every session.

Malay Home Tuition For PSLE, O-Level & A-Level

Whether you are in primary, secondary school or junior college, we will provide you with a tutor who is punctual, responsible and passionate in teaching basic Malay or higher Malay. This ensures that your learning is continuous. We conduct our own interview with the tutor to determine if he is the best fit. Additionally, we verify his academic credentials before recommending him to you.

If you are looking for the best Malay language tuition in Singapore to improve your language skills, Scholars Academy is ready to help!

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