Scholars Academy believes in tapping on the resources of experienced music industry professionals who are also effective in communicating all areas of music making to aspiring musicians like you from playing your chosen instrument, to getting a band together, working with a group of musicians, networking in the music industry, and being able to handle any musical demand that comes your way from other musicians.

In the drum set course that we offer to players of all ages, levels, and styles, our teachers’ dissemination of extensive knowledge acquired through countless hours of practice and real-world application can help you achieve your goals on the drum set in the most efficient manner. With consistent and diligent practice on your part, you can yield positive results in your drumming sooner than you think.

Our drum teachers break down both technical and musical concepts into very easy-to-comprehend, bite-sized chunks of information, with ample demonstration, to help you grasp the nuances of these concepts, and ensure that you are left with no holes in your drumming education.

Scholars Academy offers a wide variety of drum lessons such as Beginner drum lessons, Kids drum lessons, etc.

We are also great motivators dedicated to helping you with every step of the way through this sometimes challenging journey of learning how to play the drums. Stick by your teacher and be open-minded to what he/she advises you to work on. Give his/her advice a try during your practice, and always be open with your teacher about your concerns, doubts, and difficulties you face. For children taking drum lessons, our teachers will work closely with the parents by providing feedback regularly to them on their child’s progress, and advise them on what part they could play to help their child slowly but surely master the instrument.

Whether you are 6 years old or 60 years old, been playing drums for 1 year or 10 years, our drum set lessons can be tailored to suit your personal needs. Our teachers are also extremely capable of helping you identify your weak areas in drumming and will work with you to craft effective practice solutions to tackle these weak areas.

If you are looking for quality drum set lessons in Singapore, your search ends here with Scholars Academy.