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Physics is one of the most fundamental branches of the natural sciences. It involves the study of matter and its movements and changes through spacetime, as well as concepts like force and energy. Physics is a highly variable subject, encompassing areas such as classical Newtonian mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, and general relativity, as well as interdisciplinary fields like biophysics and physical chemistry. Physics can be challenging to learn, especially since it’s one of the most mathematically intensive of the natural sciences. If you are struggling to learn physics at home, then you may want to consider private physics tuition in your own home, with our expert tutor who can help you to understand and apply the concepts.

Why Learn Physics?

Many students wonder why they should even bother learning physics. Why does it matter how electrons move, or how a magnet works? However, here are some very good reasons why you should consider learning about the subject.

  • Gaining A Fundamental Understanding Of Our World
  • Since the dawn of time, human beings strived to figure out the nature of the world around us. What are things? What are things made out of? Why do things exist? Physics deals with some of the most fundamental scientific questions, dealing essentially with some of the most basic “building blocks” of our world: spacetime, energy, and matter. Many students who gravitate more toward the humanities may not think physics is very interesting, but if you are interested in philosophy, you should be interested in physics.

  • Academic Necessity
  • Depending on your education trajectory, you may be required to take courses in physics. You need to actively pay attention so that you can get good grades in the courses, even if you don’t intend to pursue it any further than you’re required to.

  • Career Opportunities
  • Learning physics in school, along with the mathematics that accompanies it, is a must if you’re interested in going into a field like mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. There are plenty of great jobs that require you to understand physics.

How Physics Tutoring Can Help You

Physics is a notoriously challenging subject, even the basic concepts that you learn in school. Below the college level, most physics classes cover two subjects, often divided into separate courses: mechanics and electromagnetism. Mechanics generally covers the concepts first expressed mathematically by Isaac Newton. These are forces acting upon objects, like inertia, momentum, and acceleration. Electromagnetism studies the electromagnetic force, which is an interaction between positive and negative electrical charges. The electromagnetic force is incredibly important to most everyday phenomena, like bonds between atoms and molecules.

Home physics tuition can help you thoroughly understand these complex and mathematically challenging concepts. Physics is hard, especially if you are not a “math person,” and many students find that they need some extra help outside of the classroom. Teachers only have so much time to give, and they can’t always work with you one-on-one to make sure you understand. However, a private tutor can. A physics home tutor will work intensively with you to pinpoint which concepts you’re struggling with, and help you find ways to really understand the material and apply the concepts and equations to solve problems.

Experienced Physics Tutors For Secondary School & Junior College

Most secondary students started struggling with the subject when they are in Sec 3 and Sec 4. As for JC students, they are H1 and H2 physics. When working with a tutor, you’ll need to be prepared ahead of time. This means doing your assigned reading, and attempting to solve homework problems on your own. This helps you get an understanding of what you’re having trouble with, so that your tutor has a better idea of how to help you succeed. When you’re in a tutoring session, ask as many questions as you can. Tutoring is a two-way, interactive process, unlike a big classroom lecture where you just listen to someone talk for an hour. If you don’t understand something, ask them to explain it to you step by step. A tutor’s job is to find ways to help you master the subject matter, and so it’s important that you clarify what you don’t quite understand.

Private tuition for combined or pure physics is a great way to get some extra help if you’re struggling to learn physics. It’s also a great option if you’re just interested in learning some advanced physics for fun in your spare time. A tutor has a thorough understanding of the subject matter, and can work with you to figure out where you’re having trouble. They’ll work with you intensively to make sure you really have a firm grasp on what you’re being taught, and that you can apply these concepts to solve problems. This is often the best way to get help if you’re just not understanding your lectures and textbooks.

Scholars Academy specializes in providing Science tuition in Singapore. Our tutors for physics focus on delivering high quality physics tuition in Singapore. If you are looking for a top tutor to prepare you for either O-Level, A-Level or IB physics examinations, simply fill up the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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